Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shopping Galveston

Yesterday I was given a $50 Visa gift card and told to shop away. Needless to say I got out of the door really quick and headed straight to Marshalls. Most of the shopping I did was of the window variety, my husband will be getting new orders this spring and we'll be moving to goodness knows where in July. Because of this, I have made an agreement with my husband not to purchase anymore "wall decor". I sure had fun snapping photos of all the goodies Marshalls had both in and VERY MUCH out of my budget.

This shabby chic frame was one of my favorites, but i'm OVERLOADED with frames right now, I don't have enough surface space for all of them. 

I'm in the middle of a desk makeover presently so I can't help but be drawn to trays and drawer sets. 

Our Marshalls has a LOT of cute pet related items, I ended up getting a larger version of this basket without the embroidery. 

This was one of the hardest items to walk away from. How cute would this be on a coffee table filled with family heirlooms or hung on the wall to display a shell collection (Personally, I would use it for a jewelry box). 

I wish I had a bigger house just so this lovely bench could sit in the entryway or in an east facing window. I love drinking my coffee while soaking in the sunshine in the mornings. 

This pillow came home with me, I loved it so much I nearly bought 2, then I realized that I only NEED one for my design plan. I may go snatch it up and put it with my gift stash for the next time someone has a birthday. 

I ended up coming home with a pillow, a basket for Molly's toys, a set of cruets, and large candleholder to put by our fireplace. 

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